Support FAQ

Here are some of the common questions asked by users of the LIVE FULL Catalog.

Q: My coupon code is not working, what’s wrong?

A: Check if you see a “L” or “1” in the code. The code is lower-case, and both look similar. If you have two or more of these in your code, copy it to your word processor, make it UPPER-CASE, to see what it actually is. If this is a challenge, then call support, and we will look it up for you. Phone or Text: 404-399-8340, Skype @truegodtv.

Q: Can I download this to my iPhone or iPad?

A: Short answer, no. But you can still view them on an iPad or iPhone. Or you can stream them instead. To download use your Macintosh desktop or laptop to download, then upload the files to iCloud. It is on the left menu on your Mac. After it is uploaded, you can access the files from your iCloud account on any of your Apple devices. You can also use a Windows computer to move your files to iCloud. First install iCloud for Windows,

To stream use your email, that you used for your account and click here

Q: Can I download the files all at once?

A: Sorry, there are a number of high quality video and audio files that make up FULL ACCESS. The files total more than 20GB. Download the specific files you want, and come back to download others later. You do not have a time limit, or maximum number of times you can download for your personal use. Or you can stream and not worry about storage at all. Streaming anytime you want, as long as you are connected to the internet.

Q: How many times can I download? How many devices?

A: You can download as many times as your desire from your account, for your personal devices only. Please do not distribute the files. Instead direct those interested to buy their own copies.

Q: The files will not play?

A: Some mobile devices cannot download, and can only stream. Like iPhones, iPads. On your phone try streaming instead. You should have receive a streaming link in addition to your downloads. Click here to LIVE Stream.

MP4 and MP3 have to be played in a player. Try using VLC which is free, and can play almost any format.

Most browsers have a built in player. In Chrome, Firefox, Opera you can go to the FILE menu > Open File… then find the file you have downloaded to your computer and open, it will play. MP4 or MP3.
On a Mac, Quicktime will play MP4 or MP3. So will iTunes on Mac or Windows.
You can use Window Media Player on Windows 10 or above.

Q: The MP4 files are large can they be compressed?

A: Video files are highly compressed at the encoding level, ZIP compression does almost nothing to a video file. So compressing them would not help. If the HD MP4 files are too large for your storage, then either download the SD MP4 versions or try streaming instead. No storage needed for streaming at all. And the SD versions are 1/3 of the size of the HD versions.

Q: If you have questions about your download, coupon card, streaming or your order we can help you.

A: Please use this form, or call Monday-Saturday 9AM-9PM EST 404-399-8340.